Community of animators

In response to growing public interest in environmental workshops, we are bringing together volunteer and professional facilitators from Luxembourg and the greater region.

We offer them the chance to join a dynamic, local community of peers. This community is the primary means of sharing and finding animation opportunities. It’s also a place where people can help each other to improve their skills in the various workshops. Finally, the association offers a legal framework for intervention, with fair compensation and civil liability insurance.

For the moment, the community is essentially active in the form of a WhatsApp group. We also organize dedicated sessions for self-training in the various workshops in which we have expertise.

Volunteer or professional animators must contribute to the association to benefit from the network of opportunities it offers. The association also invoices professionals as business introducers for in-company interventions. On the other hand, an association enables a professional entertainer to draw on the support of other entertainers to meet more demanding requirements.

In 2023, we want to develop our digital tools and exchange sessions to help the community become more skilled. This is what guarantees the quality of our events. The storage and provision of equipment are also points that need to be addressed to facilitate exchanges between presenters.

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